Daycare And Development: What Is Your Child Learning?

Daycare is much more than a place where your child goes while you're away. Yes, the caring center staff will watch your child, making sure she's happy and healthy all day long, but that's not all. Your child will also get the chance to learn, grow and develop. What new skills and abilities will your child build during her daycare days? Take a look at the major developmental areas and how child care impacts them. Read More 

Three Tips On Setting Your Child Up For Success In Elementary School

In order to put your child on the track for success, it all begins in their formative years. Because of this, you need to make sure that you prepare your child for elementary school. Start by researching the elementary schools in the area, helping your child get adjusted, and doing your part as a supportive parent. Think about these tips and use them in order to set your child up for success. Read More 

Tips For Reducing Your Preschooler’s Separation Anxiety

If you are enrolling your child in preschool this fall, then you should expect some issues with separation anxiety. Just as adults often feel uncomfortable about new situations, the same can be said for preschool-age children as well. Thankfully, problems with separation anxiety are short lived and usually by the second or third week of school the issue should resolve itself. To lessen your child's separation anxiety during the first couple weeks of preschool, follow these important tips:  Read More 

Autumn Activities For Your Preschool Group

It's ideal to have a variety of outdoor activities for your preschool group — especially when the weather is pleasant enough to warrant being outside. The arrival of autumn means that winter will soon be on its way, and this may result in your preschool group spending more time indoors if the weather is harsh. Take advantage of a sunny fall day by getting your group outside for a wide range of activities. Read More 

2 Reasons To Consider Using A Daycare Program

A daycare program can be one of the most beneficial assets at the disposal of any parent, mostly because of the many ways that they can help both you and your children. Listed below are two reasons to consider using a daycare program. A Safe Environment For Your Children One of the biggest concerns that all parents have for their children is that their children are in a safe environment. Thankfully, leaving your child at a daycare center can often be one of the safest ways to make sure that your child is being cared for when you cannot be around. Read More