Autumn Activities For Your Preschool Group

It's ideal to have a variety of outdoor activities for your preschool group — especially when the weather is pleasant enough to warrant being outside. The arrival of autumn means that winter will soon be on its way, and this may result in your preschool group spending more time indoors if the weather is harsh. Take advantage of a sunny fall day by getting your group outside for a wide range of activities. Here are some different things that preschool children, like those at Sammamish Montessori School, can enjoy experiencing during the autumn.

Seasonal Change Observations

Whether you just spend time outside the preschool, visit a local park, or take a walk through the neighborhood, a valuable activity is to have the children notice things that are changing due to the change in season. The later in the season that you play this game, the more changes will be evident. Have the children raise their hands when they notice a seasonal change, and then call on them to ask what they've noticed. Children may point out things such as different leaf colors on the trees, brown grass in the neighboring yards, more wind, cooler temperatures, and other such changes. Do your best to explain each of the changes as well as identify anything that the group may have overlooked.

Autumn Crafts

There are a number of autumn crafts that you can organize for your preschool group. A simple activity is to task each child with collecting a leaf that has fallen to the ground. If you live in an area with colorful maple trees, the children should be able to each find a large leaf in red, orange, or yellow. Upon returning inside, the children can glue their leaves onto paper and draw other leaves around the real leaf, or trace the outline of their leaf and then attempt to color it in the same hue as the real life.

Pumpkin Patch Visit

A field trip to a local pumpkin patch (or the backyard garden of an avid gardener who leaves near your preschool center) will give children an opportunity to see pumpkins growing. Most children will know pumpkins from Thanksgiving and Halloween, but they may not have seen pumpkins growing on the vine. The farmer or gardener can give the children a short lesson on caring for pumpkins, and then perhaps give each child some pumpkin seeds that his or her parents can plant at home to have a pumpkin next autumn.