Outdoor Activities For Children: Rockhounding For Exercise And Education

If you have been searching for a kid activities that you can do outdoors with your children, you can take them out to your local wilderness area and go rockhounding. Even if you can't tell the difference between granite and quartz rocks, your children will enjoy picking up all the different looking rocks. Once you get home, then you can go on the computer together and research the rocks that you find. Read More 

Tips For Using Flexible Part-Time Day Care

Whether you only work part-time or if you are a stay at home parent in need of a little free time, flexible day care options can work for you. Unlike full day care or preschool schedules, your child will only attend part-time. To ensure that it works best for both you and the child, implement the following tips.  Tip #1: Pick a consistent schedule When it comes to kids, consistency is key. Read More