When Classroom Instruction Isn’t Enough: The Benefits of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring isn't just a way for a student who is struggling in school to catch up. SAT test tutoring, math tutoring, and ACT test tutoring can all help a student who is working hard to get into a great college achieve their goals. When you don't have the skills you need to teach your child and help them succeed in school, it's time to find a tutor that can do it instead. Read More 

Better Than DIY: Why Guitar Lessons Make A Difference For Kids

If your child wants to learn to play the guitar, you might be tempted to let them use online videos and other resources like chord charts and tabs to help them teach themselves. Guitar is an easier instrument to self-teach, but kids can benefit from real guitar lessons for several reasons. Learn why taking actual lessons might be better than a DIY approach to learning guitar.  1. Fitting the instrument properly Read More 

What Do You Do When Your Child Struggles In School?

When your child begins to struggle in school, you might begin to feel helpless. How can you continue to send your kid to school when he or she doesn't feel comfortable, feels disliked, or just isn't enjoying the time spent there? No, school isn't for fun, but it is supposed to be a setting in which kids can absorb the information that the teachers are feeding them, build on that information and grow to become healthy, happy, successful adults. Read More 

3 Benefits To Starting Child Care Before Your Maternity Leave Finishes

If you have a short maternity leave, it is reasonable to want to spend every minute with your infant before you return to work. However, there are several reasons why you should consider enrolling your baby in childcare a week or two before you start working again, such as: Ease Into the Transition Slowly  Going from being with your baby 24-hours a day to working full-time can be emotionally draining. Transitioning slowly can be easier for you and your child. Read More 

Daycare And Development: What Is Your Child Learning?

Daycare is much more than a place where your child goes while you're away. Yes, the caring center staff will watch your child, making sure she's happy and healthy all day long, but that's not all. Your child will also get the chance to learn, grow and develop. What new skills and abilities will your child build during her daycare days? Take a look at the major developmental areas and how child care impacts them. Read More